Plating options

The illustrations show our most popular plating options. Virtually hundreds of magnificent combinations are available. We can also supply requested custom dye. Please ask us to match your individual style. Samples are available upon request.

Plating - more than 60 options available

Plating Code Plater Code Plating
MAG 10/17(M) Matte Almond Gold
KGP is APA Alamo Plating 24K Gold Polished
ABC AP Polished Brushed Clear
ACC AP 16S Alamo Satin Champagne Gold
ASR AP 30S Satin Rose Gold
KSN AP-12 Satin/Brushed Nickel - Alamo
ANS AP-12 Frosted Clear to match QCP Chrystellite Nickel Semi-Gloss
KSA AP-12A Aged Satin Nickel - Alamo
ABP AP-15 Polished Brass
KCB AP-16 Chadlis Gold
AAC AP-22AD Antique aged copper
APA AP-24 Polished Gold 24K - Alamo
ASG AP-24 Satin Gold
APC AP-31 Alamo Polished Chrome
ASC AP-32 Satin Chrome - Alamo
ASS AP-32 Silver, Satin
AAS AP-40S Satin Almond Gold
ABN AP-85 Alamo Black Nickel
ASN AP-85S Black Satin Nickel
BPY Black Pearl Schroth Black Pearl
CHR CHR - Polished Chrome SCHROTH Polished Chrome
MBA CMF - Hard Black Anodyze Hard Black Anodyze (Matte)
CAH CMF - Hard Clear Anodyze Clear Anodized Hard
GAH CMF - Hard Grey Anodyze A8625 Type II Cl.1,Clear Sulfuric Anodized
CSP CPC - 901 Satin Platinum
MNL CPC-003 Matte Nickel Lacquered
GMT CPC-006 Matte 24K Gold w/clear coat
ANG   Antique Gold
CPE CPC-008 Polished Peach Gold
GPC CPC-010 Polished 14K Gold
MAC CPC-03 Matte Chrome
PCC CPC-1 Polished Chrome
ACU CPC-10 Antique Cooper
SGC CPC-101 Satin Almond Gold
SCH CPC-103 Satin Champagne Gold
CBP CPC-11 Polished Brass
CBC CPC-13 Satin Brass
SSV CPC-16 Satin Silver
PPB CPC-17 Perma Brass Polished
SPB CPC-18 Satin Perma Brass
CSB CPC-19 Sating Black
SCC CPC-2 Satin Chrome
BLC CPC-20 Black Chrome
MAN CPC-3 Polished Nickel
DFN CPC-330 Deep Frost Nickel
SAN CPC-4 Satin Nickel
SBC CPC-402 Satin Bronze
ANN CPC-5 Antique Nickel
PGC CPC-6 Polished Gold
DFG CPC-660 Deep Frost Gold
SGZ CPC-7 Satin Gold
CPC CPC-8 City Polished Copper
TDG Custom plating Degussa Gold 529 - Custom plating
010 FJ10 Antique Brass
011 FJ11 Satin Brass
11M FJ11M Matte Brass
15M FJ15M Matte Black Nickel
15P FJ15P Polished Black Nickel
15S FJ15S Satin Black Nickel
16M FJ16M Matte Rose Gold
16P FJ16P Polished Rose Gold
16S FJ16S Satin Rose Gold
17M FJ17M Matte Champagne Gold
17P FJ17P Polished Champagne Gold
XDL FJ17P Polished Champagne Gold-DFJ Logo Egv
17S FJ17S Satin Champagne Gold
18M FJ18M Matte Rouge Gold
18P FJ18P Polished Rouge Gold
18S FJ18S Satin Rouge Gold
23M FJ23M Matte Nickel
23P FJ23P Polished Nickel
23S FJ23S Satin Nickel
X3S FJ23S Satin Nickel DFJ Logo Engraved
24M FJ24M 24K Matte Gold
24P FJ24P 24K Polished Gold
X4P FJ24P Poished Gold 24K DFJ Logo Engraved
24S FJ24S 24K Satin Gold
26S FJ26S Satin/Brushed Aluminum
009 FJ9 Polished Brass
HTT HT 10 unknown
PBV HT 101 Polished Bright Gold 24k
SAZ HT 102 Satin Brushed Gold 24k
LAG HT 104 24ct Gold Light Aged Antique
WLA HT 104 24ct Gold Light Aged Antique, LV9D
DAZ HT 105 Medium Aged Gold 24k
GAA HT 106 24ct Gold Aged Antique
HAZ HT 108 Hammertone Gold 24k
GPH HT 109 24ct Gold Pearlite
PBE HT 110 18 k Polished Bright Gold
GSB HT 111 18ct Gold Satin Brushed
GLA HT 113 Gold Light Aged Antique
GMA HT 114 Gold Medium Aged Antique
PGX HT 120 Polished Bright Gold 14k
SAX HT 121 Satin Brushed Gold 14k
FAX HT 122 Frosted Gold 14k
LAA HT 123 14K Gold Light Aged Antique
VRG HT 140 24k Rose Gold Polished
SRG HT 141 Satin Brushed Rose Gold
LCP HT 151 Champagne Gold - Polished Bright
LCG HT 157 Light Champagne Satin Gold
PEG HT 161 Polished Peach Gold
PGS HT 162 Satin Peach Gold
HAG HT 171 Polished Almond Gold
SAG HT 172 Satin Almond Gold
FAG HT 173 Almond Gold Frosted
AGP HT 179 Almond Gold Pearlite
PBP HT 201 Polished Bright Black Pearl
SBP HT 202 Satin Brushed Black Pearl
FBP HT 203 Black Pearl Frosted
MBL HT 204 Matt Black
HBP HT 208 Hammertone Black Pearl
BPP HT 209 Pearllite - Black Pearl
PCU HT 301 Polished Bright Copper
SCU HT 302 Satin Brushed Copper
DCU HT 305 Medium Aged Copper
CDA HT 306 Copper-Dark Aged (Antique)
PNC HT 401 Polished Nickel with clear coat
PNI HT 401 Polished Nickel
SNC HT 402 Satin Nickel with clear coat
SNI HT 402 Satin Nickel (Brushed)
FNI HT 403 Frosted Nickel
MNI HT 404 Matte Nickel
HNL HT 405 Nickel Light Aged (Antique)
MNA HT 406 Antique Medium Nickel
NDA HT 407 Nickel-Dark Aged (antique)
RNP HT 409 Smoked Nickel Polished Bright
HSN HT 410 Smoked Satin Nickel
PNR HT 412 Nickel Pearlite
NAS HT 484 Nickel Antique SWIRL (Clear Coating required)
PBR HT 501 Polished Bright Brass
SBR HT 502 Satin Brushed Brass
BLA HT 504 Brass Light Aged
BAA HT 505 Brass-Medium aged (antique)
BDA HT 506 Brass Dark Aged Antique
WBR HT 508 Medium Aged Walnut Brass
BDW HT 509 Dark Aged Walnut Brass
MBS HT 513 Matte Brass
PCR HT 601 Polished Bright Chrome
SCR HT 602 Satin Brushed Chrome
FCR HT 603 Chrome Frosted
HAC HT 604 Antique Chrome
PLR HT 609 Chrome Pearlite
PBZ HT 701 Polished Bright Bronze
SBZ HT 702 Satin Brushed Bronze
BAL HT 704 Bronze Light Aged
BMA HT 705 Bronze Medium Aged
PAG HT 801 Polished Bright Silver
SAL HT 802 Satin Brushed Silver
SLA HT 804 Silver Light Antique
SAA HT 805 Silver Medium Aged Antique
DAS HT 806 Dark Aged Silver - Ant.
SPL HT 809 Silver Pearlite
HGP HT 820 High Gloss Pewter
OSN HT 821 Old Aged Pewter
PPT HT 901 Polished Platinum
PLS HT 902 Platinum Satin Brushed
SMB HT 92675V2 Satin Matte Brass
CSN HT-100296 Custom Match to TC-40(S) Satin Nickel
LVG HT-104 24ct Gold Light Aged Antique Vertical Finish
HTG HT-107 24 K Matte Gold
SBQ HT107-100 Slate Black QC900
PGV HT114791 Peach Gold Brushed Variation
HCC HT118348 Custom Dorune #56
GSC HT121755 Satin 24 kt Gold
SNH HT-147551 Heavy Satin Nickel
BCL HT-148073 Light Coffee Bronze
HTC HT-150128 Custom Dye
HPM HT153433 (H10510) Platinum Metallic - custom match
WPM HT153433 (H10510) Platinum Metallic - custom match-LV9.D & No K5.5
GAS HT157164 custom satin almond gold
HCG HT-159 Champagne Gold Pearlite
ARF HT164263 Auruna 241 Frosted
WRF HT164263 Auruna 241 Frosted, LV 9.D, No K5.5
SGN HT-176525  
HPC HT-182900 Polished Champagne Gold Custom Match
PWP HT-191 Pure White Gold Polished Bright
PWB HT-192 Pure White Gold Satin Brushed
PXB HT-192 Pure White Gold Satin Brushed
HWG HT-199 White Gold Pearlite
GWP HT-199 Pure white gold pearl lite
PBB HT-221 Polished Bright Black Nickel
PBF HT-223 Pitch Black Heavy Frosted
CDA HT-306 Copper-Dark Aged (Antique)
WNI HT404 Matte Nickel
BAA HT-706 Bronze Dark Aged Antique
HSE HTF109693 Satin Enduro Brass
PRG N55 Satin Gold - (Company Prodec, France)
NTC Nickel Tint champagne Nickel Tint Champagne
APB PBS 217 Polished Black Star - Anodyne
GTP PM11-P Prodec Metal Polished 24K Gold
PMC PM13P Prodec Metal Polished Champagne Gold
PPM PP (no code) Matte Black
PBS PP-10 Prestige Satin Brass
PBA PP-11 Prestige Antique Brass
PPG PP-15 Prestige 14K Polished Gold
PAC PP-18 Prestige Antique Copper
PPC PP-18 Prestige Polished Chrome
PSC PP-2 Prestige Satin Chrome
PSP PP-20 Prestige Satin Peach
PSZ PP-22 Prestige Satin Bronze
PAB PP-23 Prestige Antique Bronze
PCG PP-24 Prestige Champagne Gold
PCS PP-25 Polished Almond
PSA PP-26 Prestige Satin Almond Gold
PPN PP-3 Prestige Polished Nickle
PWG PP-32 Prestige Satin Blush White Gold
PES PP-35 Satin English Gold
PSN PP-4 Prestige Satin Nickel
PGP PP-5 Prestige Polished Gold
PSG PP-6 Prestige 24K Satin Gold
PPL PP-7 Prestige Polished Black
PSM PP-8 Prestige Smoked Nickle
PDB PP-9 Prestige Polished Durabrass
MPC Prodec Metal Polished Chrome
SGP Prodec Metal PM-11-S Prodec Metal 24KSatin Gold
PMN Prodec Metal PM22V Nickel Velours
PBM Prodec Metal PM52-A Bronze Medaille
ABQ QCP 040 Antique Brass
WQB QCP 040 Antique Brass
FAB QCP 050 Fine Antique Brass
ABW QCP 070 Walnut Antique Brass
QEB QCP 080 Endura Brass
SAB QCP 081 Satin Brass (endura)
CEB QCP 085 Crystallite Endura Brass
BPC QCP 100 Bright Polished Chrome
CCR QCP 105 Crystallite Chrome
FSC QCP 120 Fine Satin Chrome
QAC QCP 150 Antique Chrome
VRG QCP 150 Antique Chrome, LV9D
FAC QCP 151 Fine Antique Chrome
QPC QCP 200 Bright Polished Copper
STC QCP 210 Satin Copper
OCU QCP 220 Antique Copper
RSC QCP 290 Rose Satin Copper
BNC QCP 300 Polished Nickel
CNI QCP 305 Crystallite Nickel
CNS QCP 305A Chrystellite Nickel Semi-Gloss
WNS QCP 305A Chrystellite Nickel Semi-Gloss
QSN QCP 309 Smoked Nickel
SNQ QCP 310 Satin Nickel
SMN QCP 311 Smoked Nickel Satin
ANT QCP 330 Antique Nickel
BFN QCP 355 Bead Frost Nickel
BNF QCP 355 Bead Frost Nickel
SSN QCP 410 Standard Pewter
WGQ QCP 500 Polished Gold 24K, LV9D
PGQ QCP 500 Polished Gold 24K
PGW QCP 5005 Polished Gold 24K
CCG QCP 505 Crystallite Gold 24kt
APG QCP 506C Polished Almond Gold (no clear coat)
BGQ QCP 510 Satin Brushed Gold, 24K
WBQ QCP 510 Satin Brushed Gold 24K, LV 9D
ALG QCP 514 Almond Gold Polished
AGS QCP 515 Satin Almond Gold
WGS QCP 515 Satin Almond Gold, LV9.D, NO K5.5
CGP QCP 516 Champange Gold Polished
QCA QCP 517 Crystalite Almond Gold
CGS QCP 518 Champagne Gold Satin
LSG QCP 519 Light Satin Champagne Gold
OEG QCP 520 Old English Gold 24K
BHG QCP 530 Bright Honey Gold
WHG QCP 530 Bright Honey Gold, LV 9D, No K5.5
SHG QCP 528 Satin Honey Gold
CHG QCP 535 Crystallite Honey Gold
ANC QCP 550 Antique Gold 24K
WNC QCP 550 Antique Gold 24K
AAU QCP 551 Satin Antique Gold 24K
WAU QCP 551 Satin Antique Gold 24K, LV9D
SCP QCP 555 Satin Champagne Gold
BAU QCP 560 Bright Gold 18ct.
CGQ QCP 565 Crystallite Gold
SGQ QCP 570 Satin Gold 18K
RGB QCP 580 Bright Rose Gold
RGQ QCP 581 Satin Rose Gold
QBG QCP 587 Polished White Blush Gold
SBG QCP 588 Satin Blushed White Gold
CBW QCP 589 Crystallite Blush White Gold
BSG QCP 590 Bright Satin Gold 24K
POS QCP 600 Polished Silver
CSL QCP 605 Crystalite Silver
CAG QCP 606 Silver Cloud
SSQ QCP 610 Satin Silver
OAG QCP 620 Antique Silver
AAG QCP 650 Fine Antique Silver
WAS QCP 650 Fine Antique Silver
GDF QCP 660 Deep Frost Gold
BZP QCP 700 Polished Bronze
CBZ QCP 705 Crystallite Bronze
SBO QCP 710 Satin Bronze
ATB QCP 720 Antique Bronze
WFB QCP 730 Fine Antique Bronze
ABZ QCP 730 Fine Antique Bronze
DBZ QCP 750 Medium Aged Bronze
WDZ QCP 750 Medium Age Bronze
LBZ QCP 760 Light Coffee Bronze
WBZ QCP 760 Light Coffee Bronze, LV9.D, no K5.5
PBC QCP 800 Polished Black Chrome
PBN QCP 800 Polished Black Nickel
SNB QCP 820 Satin Black Nickel
PSB QCP 900 Polished Slate Black
CLB QCP 905 Crystallite Black
CRB QCP 905 Crystallite Black
SLB QCP 910 Slate Black Flat
SBB QCP 920 Satin Black Slate
QTB QCP 990 Twilight Black Bright
TBP QCP 990 Twilight Black Polished
TSB QCP 991 Twilight Satin Black
WSB QCP 991 Twilight Satin Black
TBC QCP 995 Twilight Black Crystalite
TBF QCP 996 Twilight Black Flat
FSH QCP HC2 Fine Satin HexChrome
POP QCP P50 Polished Platinum
SPT QCP P51 Satin Platinium
CCP QCP P55 Crystallite Platinum
PBL QCP TP30 Prussian Blue
RBC QCP-280 Rose Bright Copper
RSG QCP-290A Satin Rose Gold (gulfstream)
FSN QCP-312 Fine Satin Nickel w/SCC
GPT QCP-420 Gloss Pewter
XGQ QCP500 Polished Gold 24K "crown emblem - new"
WSG QCP518 Champagne Gold Satin, LV9.D, No K5.5
QCC QCP-545 Crystallite Champagne Gold
QSA QCP-576 Satin Gold Auburn
JAG R&H Almond Gold
JBC R&H Black Polished Chrome
JBN R&H Black Nickel
JNR R&H Satin Nickel Rose
JPB R&H Polish Black Oxide
JPG R&H Polished Gold
JRG R&H Rose Gold

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