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SCHROTHs’ Military Harness Systems are designed to be easy to use, with consistent configurations and features that provides maximum protection, rapid entry and egress, adjustability and comfort for a wide range of occupants while seated in forward, rearward or side facing seated positions. SCHROTHs’ standard COTS (commercial off the shelf) military harness systems incorporate the following features for military ground vehicle programs.

  • Mine blast/IED and field trialed and tested systems
  • All components tested to ECE R16, FMVSS 209 and/or FIA 8854 standards
  • SCHROTHs’ specially engineered 50mm (2”) polyester webbing with memory effect for easier adjusting and higher comfort levels.
  • Retractors for various installation angles and vehicle classes (M1, M2, M3, N1, N2, N3)
  • Webbing stiffeners to assist the donning of the harness
  • Photo luminescent markings on latches
  • Optional buckles (turn and push button) to meet user requirements
  • Standardized color coding for pull tabs (green to tighten & red to loosen)
  • Instruction labels (in various languages) to provide user enhanced safety and fitment
  • Optional alterations or customized designs to meet your exact needs

Product Overview

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4pt automatic harness with automotive push button buckle
5pt automatic harness with push button buckle
4pt automatic harness with push button buckle
5pt automatic harness with rotary buckle
4pt automatic harness with rotary buckle

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