For over 70 years SCHROTH has been manufacturing racing and tuning (street legal) harnesses. Since 1960 SCHROTH has been conducting crash tests to further increase product quality and performance to meet the increasing safety requirements. With the knowledge gained from our extensive testing, SCHROTH is the technology leader in racing and aviation harnesses, supplying to F1, IndyCar, WRC, NASCAR, Porsche, ALMS, Dakar Rally, FIA GT and many other top teams and series world-wide!

SCHROTH technology has initiated improvements of standards and products industry wide. Examples of SCHROTH innovations include the development of the patent pending SHR Flex head and neck system, asm® safety system, the patented RFR™ rotary (cam lock) buckle, patented SlipStop™ FHR and harness systems and the patented HYBRID™ restraint.  SCHROTH continues to further develop the FHR technology through extensive research and testing.

Product Overview RACING

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