Hybrid - Technology in Action

The Hybrid restraint from SCHROTH offers a light, comfortable and secure solution for motorsport participants. The crutch straps of the revolutionary Hybrid restraint from SCHROTH are not routed through D-rings or attached to a T-Bar but are held directly by the specially developed lap belt latches (see illustration). Thanks to the patented SCHROTH RFR rotary buckle the load (force) is transferred from the shoulder belts through the buckle into the anti-sub straps and vice versa in case of a rear impact. This direct load transfer is important for optimal restraining performance, keeping the buckle, lap belt and upper torso in place. The routing of the anti-sub straps are wide enough not to apply pressure to the crutch region or upper thighs. The direct attachment to the buckle system allows for an optimal anchor point downwards and slightly rearwards not requiring an extreme backwards mounting position. The Hybrid type restraint also allows for an additional 7th point anti-sub-strap to further reduce displacement during an impact. A further advantage of the Hybrid is weight savings over standard T-Bar and Formula belts, where less hardware (no T-Bar or D-rings) and webbing required. Due to the attachment style of the antisub straps (loops, not latches) the Hybrid restraint is not optimal for endurance events where rapid driver changes are a must. Hybrid belts are the ideal solution for touring and sports cars, rally cars, formula chassis and prototypes.



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