SlipStop and HANS

SlipStop System – Patented Technology from SCHROTH: the SlipStop surface on the HANS inhibits the webbing from sliding off the HANS surface. The “grooves” are asymmetrically designed which guides the textured webbing surface inwards on the HANS. The new HANS surface is designed to work with standard racing harnesses as well as the newly developed SCHROTH Slip-Stop harness range. Tested in the WRC, the SlipStop harnesses incorporates counter "grooves” under the harness which fit perfectly into the grooved SlipStop HANS surface! Once the harness is properly installed in the vehicle, the counter  grooves fit automatically to the HANS giving a “positive lock”. An added benefit is a newly designed adjuster which incorporates the SlipStop System. This new design allows you to tighten the shoulder belts easier and faster than any other system available.


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