Commercial aviation

Commercial aviation

Every day, SCHROTH seatbelts and restraint systems give millions of passengers and crew the confidence to be in good hands even high above the clouds. Meeting this demand is the driving force for our engineers.

Model 1-11

Flight attendant restraint for Airbus A330 / A340

The well known and patented SCHROTH RFRTM rotary buckle and the single inertia reel function ensure extremely easy and comfortable handling of these restraints. Load limiting stitching on the shoulder belts and mechanical load limiters on the pelvic restraints offer optimum safety for the entire cabin crew.

AMI Seat Model 2057 + 2058
PN          1-11-0302xx         (RH)
PN          1-11-0352xx         (LH)

AMI Seat Model 2071 + 2072
PN          1-11-0402xx         (RH)
PN          1-11-0452xx         (LH)

xx = indicates webbing colour
Certified according to ETSO(JTSO)/TSO-C114.

For further information please refer to our latest Commercial Aviation Restraints Product Brochure.

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