Commercial aviation

Commercial aviation

Every day, SCHROTH seatbelts and restraint systems give millions of passengers and crew the confidence to be in good hands even high above the clouds. Meeting this demand is the driving force for our engineers.

Model 19 AirLite / Anti-Microbial AirLite with Micro-Fresh

Anti-Microbial AirLite® lap belt

SCHROTH has partnered with Micro-Fresh® to add an anti-microbial treatment as an optional feature on all passenger lapbelt and crew restraint webbing. Easily applied during the manufacturing process, Micro-Fresh® is an invisible treatment designed to prevent bacteria from growing, spreading and surviving on textiles and surfaces, and therefore also preventing odors.

The Micro-Fresh® treatment will keep seatbelts and restraints fresher for longer, reducing the need for intensive cleaning and extending product lifespan. The Micro-Fresh® treatment never wears or washes out for the life of the belt, and is hypoallergenic, vegan friendly, free from plastic and suitable for contact with sensitive skin. Micro-Fresh® is designed to guard against pathogens such as MRSA, E-Coli, Samonella and listeria.



  • Helps protect against transfer of virus between treated surfaces compared to untreated.
  • Micro-Fresh® (and all its properties) are 'effective for the useful lifetime of the product'.
  • Effective against human and feline coronavirus.
  • Up to 99 % effective at killing coronavirus on treated fabrics after 2 hour contact time.  


Certified according to ETSO(JTSO)/TSO-C22g standards.

For further information please refer to our latest Anti-Microbial Airlite® with Micro-Fresh® Brochure.


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