Commercial aviation

Commercial aviation

Every day, SCHROTH seatbelts and restraint systems give millions of passengers and crew the confidence to be in good hands even high above the clouds. Meeting this demand is the driving force for our engineers.

Secondary cockpit barrier

The SCHROTH Secondary Cockpit Barrier is a highly effective aircraft security system that prevents unauthorized access to the cockpit area during flight operations. When in use, the system keeps the cockpit area clear of any potential intruder, thereby significantly increasing security for aircraft crew and passengers.

The SCHROTH Secondary Cockpit Barrier has been designed to meet the future requirements for secondary barrier systems as stipulated by the U.S. Congress in the Saracini Aviation Safety Act. It features a foldable, ultra-lightweight design that requires minimal installation space. The ultra-high strength textile net material is extremely cut-resistant while providing excellent see-through characteristics and full compliance with decompression requirements. Moreover, the patented SCHROTH locking mechanism ensures easy and time-saving operation by the crew.

As cockpit and cabin security is becoming more and more important, the SCHROTH Secondary Cockpit Barrier is the ideal solution for any commercial aircraft operator.

  • Effective protection against unauthorized access to the cockpit area
  • Ultra-lightweight design
  • Super-small footprint, requiring minimal installation space
  • Safe and easy-to-use locking mechanism, developed and patented by SCHROTH
  • Excellent see-through properties
  • Fully compliant with decompression requirements
  • Designed in accordance with RTCA DO-329

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