Mission-critical aircraft impose the highest demands on equipment. Extreme stress meets extreme responsibility. The perfect environment for SCHROTH engineers to create solutions that save lives.


High Mobility Restraint

Paramedics, loadmasters and other aircraft occupants are particularly vulnerable when they have to work and move in a flying aircraft. The SCHROTH high mobility restraint provides safety for these previously unrestrained occupants while maintaining their mobility when attending to their tasks.

The SCHROTH High Mobility Restraint combines different advanced ELR and ALR functions thus providing maximum safety and maximum flexibility at the same time.

Under normal conditions the system will allow a 1.6 m radius of action around the seat. In the seated position the occupant will be secured just as by any other advanced restraint system. In the event of a significant deceleration the system will automatically lock and retract while the occupant returns to a seated position.


  • air ambulance units
  • search and rescue units
  • loadmasters
  • commanders
  • gunners
  • observers
  • film teams
  • any other application where safety has to be combined with high mobility

Certified according to ETSO-C114.


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