Ground vehicles

Ground vehicles

In the defense sector, every component has to be able to do a little more than usual. That‘s why SCHROTH engineers develop intelligent safety systems that combine seats, restraint systems and airbags to create a cutting-edge survival unit.

BEATS - Blast Energy Absorbing Turret Seat

Designed for gunner safety and performance in combat, SCHROTH Safety Product's new Suspended Gunner Sling Seat offers the latest engineering features and technology benefits.

Comparing competitor offerings, their key features are lacking: minimal to no base padding (promoting leg fatigue), no back support, inconsistent or no emergency release and a narrow seat base (can cause pinched sciatic nerve).

Our seat was developed - and design driven - to meet customer needs, while exceeding our competitors' offerings. Superior Comfort, Design and Adjustability SCHROTH Safety Products newly designed Sling Seat drop-in design utilizes existing mounting hardware. ln fact, it uses the same material content as existing military vehicle restraints and seating. Using a cutout for crotch strap, there is no effect on GRS.

Designed to improve overallleg fatigue issues, the improved seat base extends comfort by using contoured polyurethane foam, developed for the aviation industry, and reduces pressure on hips/ rear portion of thighs. Foam dampens rough road conditions, while improving control for the user. The foam back rest supports lumbar lower thoracic area and reduces overall fatigue. Additionally, emergency release shackles provide immediate and unimpeded ingress and egress.

Suspended Gunner Sling Seat Adjustability
• Adjusts to fit 5th% Female to 95th% Male (geared or not)
• Full field of vision for 5th percentile Female
• Vertical adjustability of 16"
(5th- 95th torso difference = 9")
• Seat back adjustability to accommodate various user
sizes; gear worn and improve the warfighter's balance
and comfort

• Packaging physically verified on MATV, JLTV, HMMWV and MRAP

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