Ground vehicles

Ground vehicles

In the defense sector, every component has to be able to do a little more than usual. That‘s why SCHROTH engineers develop intelligent safety systems that combine seats, restraint systems and airbags to create a cutting-edge survival unit.

Multi point harness for field stretchers


  • Multi-point harness system with adaptable feet loops
  • No hardware needed for installation
  • Adjustable for 5% to 95% occupant
  • Separate upper leg fixing
  • Separate boot loop
  • Robust SCHROTH RFR Buckle
  • Can be used in combination with spine board  on the stretcher
  • Tested to DIN EN 1789 – 10g Test, Parts 4.5.9, 5.3 and 6.3.5
  • 10g load all directions (X, Y, Z) applied in
  • Tested with 110 kg ATD (exceeds the requirements of  DIN EN 1789 )
  • Shock and vibration resistant for use in a vehicle or aircraft

Optional Features

  • Dual action rotary buckle
  • System can be adapted or modified to meet customer specifications

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