Ground vehicles

Ground vehicles

In the defense sector, every component has to be able to do a little more than usual. That‘s why SCHROTH engineers develop intelligent safety systems that combine seats, restraint systems and airbags to create a cutting-edge survival unit.


Performance Levels (additional technical data upon request)

  • Forward crash tested at 24g (50km/h with 95% dummy)
  • Side facing crash tested to 13.5g (32km/h with 95% dummy)
  • Seat weight provided upon request


  • Provides 5% to 95% occupant protection with full body armor
  • Flame resistant to DIN 75200/FMVSS 302
  • Environmental qualification
    - 120 hours – ASTM B 117-90 for salt spray testing
    - STANAG 2895 – cold, heat, damp heat testing

Standard Features

  • Forward-, rear- and side-facing installation (wall or frame mounted)
  • Comfortable and durable seat surfaces (tear and flame resistant fabric, color – black)
  • SCHROTH ABTS (All Belts to Seat) 4-point shock resistant, lightweight ECE R16 and FMVSS 209 compliant harness
  • Seat and asm® (Anti-SubMarining) harness designed to prevent submarining
  • Spring loaded self-folding, storable seat pan
  • ITAR free product – designed and manufactured in Germany

Optional Features

  • Integrated self-folding foot rest
  • Upgradable SCHROTH 4 or 5 point RFR™ ECE/FMVSS/FIA compliant harness
  • Additional seat cushion padding
  • Seating fabric available in black, dark blue, olive green and tan
  • Storage pocket under the seat
  • Optional narrow seating width (380 mm)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.