Ground vehicles

Ground vehicles

In the defense sector, every component has to be able to do a little more than usual. That‘s why SCHROTH engineers develop intelligent safety systems that combine seats, restraint systems and airbags to create a cutting-edge survival unit.


Performance Levels (additional technical data upon request)

  • Tested according to AEP 55 Vol. 2 (Level 4b)
  • 8 kg TNT
  • TROSS II (weight: approx. 5 tons)
  • Simulates 12 tons vehicle
  • Forward crash tested at 24g (50km/h with 95% dummy)
  • Seat weight provided upon request


  • Provides 5% to 95% occupant protection with full body armor
  • Flame resistant to DIN 75200/FMVSS 302
  • Environmental qualification
    - 120 hours – ASTM B 117-90 for salt spray testing
    - STANAG 2895 – cold, heat, damp heat testing

Standard Features

  • Forward-, rear- and side-facing installation (wall or frame mounted)
  • Comfortable and durable seat surfaces (tear and flame resistant fabric, color – black)
  • SCHROTH ABTS (All Belts to Seat) 4-point shock resistant, lightweight ECE R16 and FMVSS 209 compliant harness
  • Seat and asm® (Anti-SubMarining) harness designed to prevent submarining
  • Spring loaded self-folding, storable seat pan
  • ITAR free product

Optional Features

  • Integrated self-folding foot rest
  • Upgradable SCHROTH 4 or 5 point RFR™ ECE/FMVSS/FIA compliant harness
  • Additional seat cushion padding
  • Seating fabric available in black, dark blue, olive green and tan
  • Storage pocket under the seat
  • Optional narrow seating width (380 mm)

The Resettable Mine Blast Utility Troop Seat design may be adapted to many ground vehicle applications and SCHROTH can meet interface, integration, and ergonomic requirements as necessary. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.