Ground vehicles

Ground vehicles

In the defense sector, every component has to be able to do a little more than usual. That‘s why SCHROTH engineers develop intelligent safety systems that combine seats, restraint systems and airbags to create a cutting-edge survival unit.

Under vest restraints

The Under-Vest Gunner Restraint System (GRS) is designed to keep the standing occupant within the secure confines of the vehicle. The system is designed with a wide range of adjustment to be worn UNDER the uniform and protective gear. The harness has a multiple attachment points and the tail strap can be released with a single action. The Under-Vest GRS can be attached with a single static or  automatic (inertia reel) tail strap to the floor of the vehicle.  The automatic version offers the maximum of safety with its retracting tail strap which store excess webbing and allows controlled movement. The Under-Vest GRS harness can be adapted to many ground vehicles and different user requirements.

Main Features:

Central Release Buckle:

  • Mine blast/shock resistant
  • Single point release
  • Operable with gloved hand

Quick Release Tail Straps:

  • Push button buckle to release tail strap(s) from main system
  • Operable with gloved hand


  • Fits 5% to 95% user (including body armor)
  • Multiple adjustments for comfortable fit
  • Operable with gloved hand

Vehicle Attachment Options:

  • Self retracting tail strap(s) which store excess webbing and allow for controlled movement
  • Static with adjustable connection to vehicle

Tail Strap Options:

  • Single central attachment on front or rear of system

Quality Assurance:

  • All manufacturing processes & components meet or exceed applicable ECE/FMVSS and/or FIA standards for restraint systems

50mm Webbing:

  • Additional comfort with load spreading memory effect webbing only from SCHROTH
  • UV & chemical resistant polyester material
  • Available in black or tan

Custom Applications:

  • Systems may be adapted to many ground vehicle applications. SCHROTH can assist with interface, integration, installation and user requirements that may be required

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.