Welcome to SCHROTH Engineering!

SCHROTH Engineering is the design and test center for SCHROTH Safety Products GmbH. Our team of highly qualified Engineers and Technicians work continually on design, development and improvement of specialized occupant safety systems for a nearly every type of vehicle and aircraft.

Combined with our extensive experience gather from over 70 years of designing and manufacturing safety systems and the newest material and safety innovations and developments allows us to configure products and solutions that meet and exceed our customer expectations and industry standards.

Alongside conventional harness and seatbelt systems, SCHROTH has extensive experience with the design, development and implementation of airbag systems, energy attenuating solutions as well as electronic sensor technology.

A wide range of simulation and test capabilities allow a systematic qualification and certification of our products.

All development programs at SCHROTH are managed efficiently and controlled by our Project Management System.

Let us prove our dedication and inspiration to you, contact us for your next project or program!