Racing Tech Tips

ECE R-16 & FMVSS Gurte

What is a FHR specific restraint? SCHROTH designed and developed the 2“/3“ FHR specific shoulder belt configuration in 2002 when the FHR was first being introduced into motorsport. The concept of the FHR specific restraint is quite simple, we designed a belt which fits cleanly and completely onto the surface of the FHR without any extra webbing to hang off the side of the FHR. The fitment of the 2“ webbing on the FHR allows for secure and optimal routing of the restraint.

The FHR 2“/3“ design is available on ALL of our 6-point models (labeled with H ex. Profi II-6H) Profi, Hybrid, and Formula restraints. The FHR specific 2“/3“ restraints are used by our teams in F1, NASCAR, Porsche Cup cars, WRC. If you use, or are planning on using a FHR we recommend one of our 2“/3“ FHR specific restraints. FHR specific restraints must ONLY be used with FHR.