SCHROTH is a world leader in aviation restraint technology for fixed wing aircraft and helicopter applications, offering the most advanced and innovative restraint solutions available today.

Nearly 70 years of experience have made SCHROTH a prime address for sophisticated and customized occupant protection systems in any kind of aircraft, performance race cars as well as for defence and other special applications.

Since the beginnings SCHROTH has focused on providing “Safety through Technology”. Our team takes special pride in the goal to protect human lives in any means of transportation. We apply state-of-the-art design technologies, highly advanced research and development processes as well as sophisticated quality monitoring programmes. For example, SCHROTH constantly runs development crash test series in order to continuously improve our protection technology for the aviation and auto industries.

International aircraft manufacturers, commercial airlines and individual customers alike highly esteem the renowned SCHROTH product quality and excellent customer service and use SCHROTH restraint systems as original equipment on their aircraft.

Due to our capacious and well-equipped engineering facilities SCHROTH is able to offer bespoke restraint solutions for any aircraft application including, for example, special lightweight components, customized VIP designs or belt-integrated airbag systems.

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