Commercial Aviation

SCHROTH is a long-time supplier of passenger seat belts to numerous airlines and airframe manufacturers worldwide. We supply cabin attendant restraints for the entire Airbus fleet as well as 16g passenger lap belts to many of the world‘s leading commercial airlines.

SCHROTH has been the first manufacturer to offer and certify a push button lap belt for commercial airline use, thus providing a highly innovative and extremely easy-to-use lap belt solution.

SCHROTH passenger belts are available in more than 160 different webbing colours to match any aircraft interior design.

SCHROTH offers a variety of passenger restraints that specifically meet exclusive requirements of first and business class passengers. Buckle housings are available with a great variety of attractive surfaces that will make passengers immediately feel highly esteemed by their preferred airline.

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Model 19 AirLite / Model 28 AirLite High-Elongation
Model 6
Model 12
Model 5-02
Model 25
Commercial aviation

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