Executive Aviation

Customize or refurbish the cabin interior of your business jet, executive aircraft or business helicopter with SCHROTH VIP restraints that match your individual style.

With more than 160 available webbing colours, over 60 magnificent plating options to choose from and a variety of engravings only limited by your imagination, SCHROTH is the No.1 supplier of executive and VIP restraints for most major business jet manufacturers and for the leading business aircraft completion centres worldwide.

SCHROTH offers any standard crew and passenger restraint systems with numerous design options as well as specialized executive restraint systems for divans and side-facing VIP aircraft seats also with airbag technology for usage during taxi, take-off and landing, always ensuring the highest possible level of safety. It goes without saying that all SCHROTH executive restraints are certified according to ETSO(JTSO)/TSO-C114 or ETSO(JTSO)/TSO-C22g standards and are individually configured to meet the technical requirements of the respective aircraft type.

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Executive aviation

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