FAQ - Installation Questions

Can I install the SCHROTH tuning belts in to any car?

SCHROTH belts should be installed ONLY into approved vehicles. Every vehicle on our vehicle reference list has been tested for the proper installation geometry, installation points and strength of the original factory seat.

Where do I install my new SCHROTH belt?

The tail strap must be attached either to the C-Pillar or to the D- and/or E- points ( rear seat lap belt anchor points ) depending of the approved installation for each vehicle. The lap belts of the SCHROTH belts will attach to the original lap belt anchor points in the vehicle.

When do I need the Adapter ( 01003 )?

This is for use with the asm autocontrol with installation to the D-Point.

Can I still use the rear seats to carry passengers or cargo?

Yes, most SCHROTH tuning belts (except the Rally Cross and Profi FE) are designed with a quick release disconnect which allows the harness belt to be removed for transport of passengers or cargo in the rear seats. Never use SCHROTH harness belts with the rear seats occupied.

Why do I need a left and right side belt (driver/co-driver)?

The patented asm® system is designed to be installed on the in-board side of the vehicle. The asm® system is located in the inside shoulder belt and thus requires 2 different harnesses (left and right) for each seating position. Please make sure the belts are installed on the correct side of the car!

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