Safety through technology

Safety through technology

Imagine a company that knows only one goal: greater safety in the air, on the road, on the racetrack or in space. A company full of experienced employees who push the boundaries further every day. That‘s SCHROTH.

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Of course, we could also make „just seatbelts“. But that would not be satisfactory for us. We are not the biggest in the market. But we have the biggest ambitions for ourselves. We want to achieve that little bit more in everything we do. The difference between good and great. Because we know - for our customers, it can be the difference between life and death.




Responsibility is about getting results the right way. At SCHROTH we continually promote ethical behavior, support diversity and make decisions that protect the health and safety of employees as well as the natural environment.

About us

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SCHROTH opened first China office

First office in Shanghai, China since July 2021 for the Aerospace business with focus on Commercial Aviation.

SCHROTH develops and supplies restraint systems to the first SpaceX mission

On May 2020, a space capsule from SpaceX – a private US aerospace manufacturer and space transportation services company -  successfully reaches the International Space Station (ISS). The restraint systems used onboard the spacecraft were made by SCHROTH.

SCHROTH inaugurates the expansion of the German production plant

Corporate and production operations are now centralized in one place. The new layout improves cross-functional collaboration and sets the foundation for future growth.

SCHROTH airbag systems are certified for use in commercial aircraft

With extensive experience in airbag development for defense applications, SCHROTH applies its technology to develop a structure mounted airbag system, used for the first time in a Boeing 787 airliner.

SCHROTH expands its defense product line with patented mine-blast protected lightweight troop seating

With years of experience in seatbelt design and development, SCHROTH applies its technology and methodology to develop a highly effective, low weight and resettable energy absorbing element to military troop seating.

SCHROTH develops restraints with integrated airbags for the German Bundeswehr.

The German Bundeswehr orders 4-point automatic seatbelts with integrated airbags for 125 of their GTK/Boxer armored transport vehicles. In 2015 an additional 131 were ordered.

SCHROTH becomes the exclusive restraint system supplier for Etihad

Etihad Airways founded in 2003, was the first airline to use SCHROTH seat belts on its entire fleet.

SCHROTH obtains the license to produce and market HANS / FHR systems

SCHROTH becomes one of three global companies to manufacture, market and distribute the award winning and highly recognized “HANS” (head and neck support) device. Over the years, SCHROTH has manufactured 10s of thousands of these devices becoming a recognized leader in racing safety.

SCHROTH begins to manufacture in the U.S

SCHROTH opens a production plant in Pompano Beach, Florida, and starts manufacturing seat belts in the US. Customer Service is now also managed in the U.S and the strategic partnerships with American business partners are strengthened.

SCHROTH equips helicopter with seat belts

SCHROTH continues to innovative in the aerospace market. In 1995, it’s restraint systems with pushbutton closures were approved by the FAA. This new type of closure is especially safer for helicopters that have tight seating conditions. Approximately 80% of all restraints for new, dynamically certified helicopters seats are made by SCHROTH.

SCHROTH enters Formula One – supplying state-of-the-art lightweight harness systems to McLaren F1

SCHROTH has since then delivered restraints and (FHR) head and neck devices to F1 and top racing series worldwide. Today, SCHROTH continues to be a market leader in racing safety and active in the evolution of safety standards.

SCHROTH enters the aviation market as an Airbus supplier

SCHROTH becomes a certified manufacturer of aeronautic products for Airbus, developing and supplying cabin-attendant seats for the A330 and A340.
The development work and money invested in research on asm technology, pave the way for SCHROTH to enter a new business segment.

SCHROTH is the world’s largest producer of shoulder harness belts

In the mid 1970’s, SCHROTH specializes in the production of 4,5- and 6-point aftermarket seat belts. SCHROTH becomes the world’s largest manufacturer of shoulder belts manufacturing up to 100,000 belts a year. Drivers of the success were the technology, but above all their aesthetic design and signature that had “cult” status, supported by SCHROTH’s motorsport engagements.

SCHROTH performs its first dynamic crash testing

Under the influence of the mass motorisation,  new safety standards were developed.
SCHROTH consistently made emphasis on quality standards, new materials such as polyester were introduced. The company performs its first dynamic crash test as part of its research work.

SCHROTH develops the first automobile seat belt in Germany

Carl F. Schroth, an enthusiastic rally driver, identifies the need for a harness belt in motorsports and “tailors” a seat belt for his co-pilot made from roller blinds and coat buckles. In 1956 Schroth formulates a “Recommendation for increasing the safety of vehicle passengers” to the Ministry of Transport, presenting an analysis of the importance of safety.

SCHROTH is founded

The company is started by Hildegard Schroth, a skilled seamstress and her husband, engineer Carl F. Schroth. They had multiple textile contracts with the military government and their protective motorcycle clothing was very successful. Their business starts to grow and in 1953 it moves to its own premises.

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