Welcome to the World of SCHROTH

Can a company built around a passion for safety and occupant protection on land and air for over 70 years, still be young, dynamic and innovative?

The answer from SCHROTH: Yes, we can – and at SCHROTH, we prove it!

The fascination of the brand SCHROTH has a long and successful tradition that connects us on the highest level with our products and technology.  For decades, our customers and users trust the protection provided by our safety products in Racing, Automotive, Aviation and other forms of occupant transportation.  Countless lives have been saved and extreme injuries prevented though the use of our belt and safety systems.

However, the company SCHROTH would not be so successful, if we did not continue design and innovate, constantly evolving the company.  The name SCHROTH, as from the beginning, stands for groundbreaking technology and high quality customer specific solutions.  Today, SCHROTH is a leading in highly specialized occupant protection systems, innovative airbag technology, patented Head and Neck systems (SHR FLEX and Forward Head Restraints for Racing) and energy attenuating safety systems on board vehicles and aircraft.

The uniqueness and diversity of our customers and product markets provides SCHROTH with a distinctive advantage in product development and technology cross-over.  Taking best practices and lessons learned and applying these to new products and innovations.  Research and development benefits from the wide range of experience, comprehensive knowledge and diverse range of markets and customers.  Our products are exposed on regular basis to the extreme demands of NASCAR, Formula One and other racing series, which prove our products week in, week out, in “real-life” scenarios that cannot be duplicated in laboratory conditions.  This knowledge and experience is shared and transferred into other product segments such as aviation and defense, to design and produce better and safer products.  No other manufacturer of occupant protection systems has such a wide range of over-lapping and interchangeable technologies and an extensive range of experience to draw from.

The unique strengths of SCHROTH are the customer specific limited edition and highly specialized system solutions that are designed, developed and produced for our customers worldwide. The identity of our products and technical solutions remain our focus, regardless if it is a technical specification or a request for custom shape or color.

The foundation of the success at SCHROTH is the dedication and passion of our employees (co-workers, who design and produce the products with great sense of pride and responsibility.  Therefore, every SCHROTH customer can trust that not only are the products made to the regulated norms and standards, but also highlight our unrivaled fascination for function, innovation and design.

SCHROTH – Safety through Technology


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