PLUS X Awards for SCHROTH Racing and the SHR FLEX

SCHROTH Racing and its SHR FLEX frontal head restraint have won the Plus X Award in three disciplines. The Plus X Award is Europe's largest and most important innovative prize for market-relevant products. It is awarded in 23 industries. Brands like Adidas, Tyrolia, Porsche and Bose have won it in the past. Now SCHROTH Racing is a proud member of that elite group.

The high-tech SHR FLEX frontal head restraint from SCHROTH Racing, Arnsberg, Germany, has won the Plus X Award in the Category - Sports and Fitness Equipment for the following disciplines; "Innovation, High Quality and Functionality".

The “SHR FLEX” is a Frontal Head Restraint (FHR) safety system for racecar drivers. Its breakthrough dynamic design architecture fuses patent-pending innovations into an ergonomic, easy-to-use, system that provides racers uncompromised protection from severe or fatal upper neck injuries in high-impact crashes and unprecedented comfort and fit during normal driving.

Until now expensive, cumbersome, rigidly uncomfortable, me-too products based on technologies that have not seen significant innovation in 20 years have dominated the FHR market. The introduction of the SHR FLEX heralds a new generation of racer safety.

The SHR FLEX overcomes the limitations of previous generation FHRs and meets three, previously mutually exclusive functional requirements: Robust biomechanical performance to protect racers in high-impact crashes; dependable simplicity to ensure reliable use; and unobtrusive and comfortable fit during normal racing.

It is the combination of a low-profile articulated collar, multi-axis helmet tethering system, and body contouring foundation, that provides the SHR FLEX with robust biomechanical performance in a simple and uniquely comfortable system. In a high-impact crash, a racer’s head/helmet motions activate its collar. It pivots upward in a controlled manner, with bump-stops arresting its rotation as it reaches its biomechanically optimized restraint position. The tethering system combines a new easy to use helmet latch with side-stabilizing tethers and a sliding upper tether to allow unimpeded head/helmet motions in normal driving. The SHR FLEX’s flexible cushioned legs provide unprecedented levels of comfort and fit over a range of body types and seating positions.

"SCHROTH Racing is proud to receive this outstanding award and sees it as continued motivation to continue our development of high-quality safety products that bring users appreciable benefit," comments Tom Myers, Head of Motorsport Programs at SCHROTH Racing.

"The SHR FLEX continues to reinforce our company values in Safety through Technology," he explains, emphasizing the motivation and underlying values of the company, SCHROTH Safety Products GmbH.

SCHROTH Racing, with its quality, innovation and product design, made a strong and winning impression with the judging panel at the Plus X Award.

The SHR FLEX is available through a network of distributors in North America managed by HMS Motorsports, North Carolina, as exclusive importer.  In other markets, it is available directly from its designer and manufacturer SCHROTH Safety Products GmbH. &

About the Plus X Award: With an international, independent technical panel from 25 industries, 23 competent partners and an invested marketing volume of over 25 million Euros, the Plus X Award today is the world's largest innovation prize for technology, sports and lifestyle. Newly developed, innovative technologies are singled out for the prize, along with outstanding designs and intelligent, simple operating concepts. Criteria such as good ergonomic and ecological product features, comprehensive scope of functionality and the use of high-quality materials and their processing also lead to a sustainable product with a long life, and also contribute to making a product worthy of distinction.

About SCHROTH Safety Products GmbH: SCHROTH Safety Products GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of the TAKATA Group of companies. Using 70 years of experience, the company has been developing and manufacturing restraint systems and other safety solutions for highly specialized applications in vehicles and aircraft for many decades.

SCHROTH is a world leader in restraint technology for motorsport, high-end automotive, aircraft and ground vehicle applications, offering the most advanced and innovative restraint solutions available today.

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