Model 1-10

Product Description

4-point automatic harness restraint system, Y-type inertia reel shoulder belt

SCHROTH rotorcraft 4-point harness restraints are available with Y-type shoulder belt or Comfort Collar shoulder belt. Different rotary buckle types are available, all of them featuring the patented RFRTM rotary buckle and SCHROTH’s unique Lost Motion Technology which prevents unintended release. The SL 11 rotary buckle with separate shoulder belt release allows maximum upper torso movement, e.g. monitoring and precisely controlling loads hanging under a helicopter. Dual latch configuration is available, offering a quick one-click latching procedure and perfect storing of the restraint when not in use. The inertia reel versions are available with a 360 degree manual lock option, thus permitting maximum flexibility in installation and operation. Additional buckle padding styles are optional as well.


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