Inertia Reels - 360° Manual Lock

Product Description

Inertia Reels, 360° Manual Lock

SCHROTH aviation-type inertia reels are available in left and right handed versions to meet any conceivable installation requirement.

Any SCHROTH aviation-type inertia reel can be fitted with a 360° degree manual lock cable assembly which allows maximum flexibility in installation and operation. The SCHROTH 360° manual lock assembly features the same advanced functions which have been used for the proven single and dual reel manual lock assemblies already in use on most major helicopter types. Different cable lengths are available in accordance with the customer’s requirements.

As a new and additional option, SCHROTH can offer a crossbar-mounted dual inertia reel design including a dual manual lock function. The crossbar forms part of the seat structure and can be customized to exactly match the seat design.


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