Medical Stretcher Restraints

Product Description

SCHROTH has developed a wide range of specially designed restraint systems for medical stretchers which offer the highest level of safety and comfort for reclined occupants.

The restraints are equipped with the proven SCHROTH RFR™ rotary buckle and with special latches which allow the upper thigh straps to run downward in an ideal, predefined angle. As an option, an additional knee belt with a lightweight push button buckle for lower leg belt fixation can be added.

Due to the great variety of special lightweight aviation components SCHROTH can meet all requirements for medical transportation as well as fixation of medical equipment and accessories of all kinds. Further customized technical solutions for even more specialized requirements are available on request.

Certified according to ETSO(JTSO)/TSO-C114 and ETSO(JTSO)/TSO-C22g standards.


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