Motorized Seat Belt (MSB-OR)

Motorized Seat Belt - Video

The current MSB Kit is a three part system consisting of:

1. 3-Point Motorized Seatbelt with buckle

2. Electrical Control Unit (ECU)

3. Wire harness

The MSB Kit meets SAE J386 seatbelt requirements. The system is used to (1) warn a driver of the

possibility of a roll over with a haptic response of the seatbelt and (2) help restrain the occupant during a roll over event

by using a hard pull feature pulling the driver to the seat back. The current system specifications are listed below:

Webbing Length: 3500mm (3.8 yards)

• Webbing Sense for Lockup: 34.3 m/s^2

• Vehicle Sense for Lockup: 4.41 m/s^2

• Mounting Orientations: 0 degrees horizontal

• Haptic Warning Threshold: 15 degrees of vehicle roll or 25 degrees of pitch

• Hard Pull Threshold: 30 degrees of vehicle roll or 40 degrees of pitch

• Electrical System: 24V

MSB-OR - PDF Download
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