Mine Blast Troop Seat

SCHROTH Resettable Mine Blast Utility Troop Seating is designed for use in either forward, rearward, or side facing applications and is available as bulkhead, sidewall, or frame. The primary seat structure includes a tubular frame with a flame resistant fabric seat pan and seat back, energy absorption system to mitigate the mine blast/IED threat, and an All Belts to Seat (ABTS) four-point SCHROTH restraint system. The patented* SCHROTH Resettable Mine Blast seat is designed to dissipate energy during the blast phase of the event and reset the seat for the slam down phase.

The Mine Blast protected seating system is available in two versions:

  • SU-62 compact forward- or rear-facing seat
  • SU-63 side-facing seat with head rest for exceptional side impact protection

Pro-Tip: The menu can also be openend and closed with the m key.