Racing Belts

Looking for the world’s most technically advanced racing harness? SCHROTH is your partner! In addition to the wide range of standard models, SCHROTH can produce a racing harness in accordance to your exact specifications and needs. The largest number of FIA approved components allows you to design numerous versions of individualized harnesses, fitting the installation specifics in your race car.

Product overview

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Profi 2x2
Profi 3x2
Profi 3x3
Clubman 3x2
Clubman 2x2
Profi II asm
Clubman II asm
Profi III asm
Profi III-FE asm
Caterham II
Enduro Porsche 991/981 2x2
Enduro Porsche 996/997 2x2
Profi Porsche 996/997 3x2
Profi Porsche 996/997 2x2
Profi Porsche 981 3x2
Profi Porsche 981 2x2
Profi Porsche 991 2x2

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